Sad, but not finished.

Determined to do this. I won’t stop trying. I have sunk so low, and I’m scrabbling around down here. But I want this, and I’m not going to disappear.

I am sorry I’ve been absent.

7 thoughts on “Sad”

  1. Welcome back Annie and please don’t be sad. You and I have been building up to finding peace for two years now and we will get there. Last Sunday after two pints of beer and almost half a bottle of whiskey I felt desperate, knowing things have to change. Six days on – day 7 the world already feels like a better place for me. Rose tinged early sobriety I know but each time I try I am stronger and you will be too. I have devoured sobriety books on my kindle and that has really helped. There is no comparison this morning to the person I woke up as last Sunday who was looking forward only to the day being over:( take care Annie. Everyone on here cares about you and wishes you well. Here’s to you feeling wonderful this time next week xx

  2. Annie, please please get more help. It is out there. I think you may need in-patient support now. I know you don’t want to be signed off work and leave your children for some weeks, but don’t you think this might just be worth it? I suspect it is the only solution now. Nothing to be ashamed of. Put your children first and do what it takes. Big hug. X

  3. Annie, it’s good to see you. A lot of people are rooting for you. Please, please consider going on leave and seeking full time treatment. It looks like a radical change in environment is needed to make that break with alcohol. Not to be overly dramatic, but this is a matter of life or death. Alcoholism kills, and before it does, it robs you of everything that makes life worth living and makes death seem like a mercy. If you needed life-saving surgery, would you go to the hospital even though you’d have to leave work and home? This is no different. You have an illness that needs specialist treatment. Give yourself and your family the gift of life and take that step. There will be help for you to get through it.

  4. “The first step in getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.” Be courageous Annie. Stop drinking.

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