Aches and pains

My second day, and I have aches in my shoulder and back; I feel generally wrung out. But I am so glad I’ve now got a sponsor. She contacts me several times a day, and I feel as though I can’t slip away and retreat, which is good. I’ve been hiding for such a long time, trying to succeed but giving up within a day or two. Now, when I feel like running away, I have to pick up the phone and ring her.

It was strange how it happened. I had been in touch with this lady off and on for several months – she would send me texts every now and then, and didn’t forget about me – but I hadn’t thought about asking her to help me more than that. Then suddenly, this weekend, up to my neck in misery and wine, I reached for my phone and asked her for help.

These early days are so hard; and I’ve been here so many times before.  I feel tired, and very very low.


13 thoughts on “Aches and pains”

  1. A really positive step, Annie. Well done.I am so impressed by your determination. Having this sponsor really could be the beginning of the end for you. Good luck. Gamma M x

  2. I know its tiring and painful at the beginning but you could potentially never ever have to go through these tough first days again. Hang on in there x

  3. Just take good care of yourself – lot’s of sleep, good food and water. Just getting up and going about your day is enough. Baby steps. In just a week you will feel so much better. XOXO

  4. As hard as the early days are, they are short lived and the benefits of not drinking will hit you very soon!
    Thinking of you Annie! There’s a lot of people here cheering you on!

  5. Glad you’ve reached out to someone to help you. Annie, that is just incredible. It is small action, but it is also an enormous one. You are not alone. Thinking of you and your sponsor.* -HM.

  6. YOU REACHED OUT!! mother of god, YOU finally took responsibility, took control and did something FOR YOU!! That, alone, is worth much much self-cingratulation!

    My tiredness lasted weeks and weeks. I was lucky – had only me to take care of. But…… to whatever extent possible, wherever possible: GET REST. Be kind to yourself. There is NOTHING NOTHING more important in life than what you are trying for right now. Be kind to yourself. Cling to these first positive actions you’ve CHOSEN to take…and let nothing make you stumble!

  7. This can be the last time you have to go through these painful early days. Do it once and get it over with. It is hard but possible. Keep reaching out, do it one minute at a time. The worst will be over and you’ll be a new woman before you know it xo

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