Inching forward

I am sorry not to be responding to the comments at the moment. I am grateful for them.

Day 4, the first time in a long time that I have got this far. I still feel physically horrible, and a sort of depression hangs over me. I can’t seem to shake it off. My husband came back home last night, having been away for a few days – I had missed him terribly, but I still found myself starting an argument, and being terribly irritated and ratty. I hope he can forgive me. I told him about the sponsor; he was a bit bemused, I think, but he supports me.

My numb fingertips and – oddly – slightly numb nose tip are worrying me.  What damage have I done?


3 thoughts on “Inching forward”

  1. Annie, hold strong! I’ve struggled greatly on day 4’s in the past on this merry go round. Most recently mine was on a Saturday and OH almost got his head handed to him on a platter when he suggested a film to ‘help cheer me up.’ Do whatever it takes to get past this day 4 alcohol free. Personally I think my body realizes it’s run out of alcohol on day 4 and it’s time to convert to cleansing out stored toxins which creates a whirlwind of up and down with sugars, emotions, total exhaustion, etc.

    Last time I was successful, I got through the day by carbing up on pizza and sugaring up on a giant pack of peanut m&m’s, for whatever reason I was just so tired and sad and this got me over it. Whatever it takes to be alcohol free for today! Just hold on until tomorrow, the tide will start to turn. Hugs, ME, day 24.

  2. Annie, I think in giving up all things the first four days are the worst and by day 5 you start to feel a bit better and also get a feeling of momentum and accomplishment.

    Grit your teeth! Don’t worry about being horrible to everyone, or how dreadful you are feeling, because getting sober will have so many more gains to come.

    You’re climbing a mountain inch by inch. Keep going!

    You’re doing really well. Be proud!

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