Calm morning

My second day, and I’m feeling so good about it, as I haven’t had a drink free day for weeks and weeks. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the gym (also unusual) as I headed towards witching hour, and then my husband and I cooked together. Little things happened: we listened to music, we chatted… I know it sounds like nothing, but when I’m drinking, everything goes by the wayside: I don’t bother with music, I shout rather than chat, I might not cook. Drinking obliterates everything else, it makes me lazy, it stops me appreciating the small things.

So, day 2. We’re heading off to London for the day, so I’ll be busy, but I must watch out for that heady feeling when we return.

6 thoughts on “Calm morning”

  1. Hi Annie, so glad to see you back! Enjoy your day and take it from here. On Deccember 30 2015, I was drinking 2 bottles of wine a day (sometimes more), arguing with my husband, overweight, unhappy, with what seemed an endless string of day ones in countless abandoned diaries. Today I’m coming up to a year sober, happier, thinner… if I can do it, so can you. With you all the way, and wishing you a sober 2017 xxx

  2. Well done and congratulations on day 2! That is big! I am only on day 13, but the feeling you have now only increases and gets better and better each day. Yes, I still think of wine at times but it is now followed by that horrible feeling of what wine does to me. Much like you, it encompasses all my thoughts and everything else is secondary, if at all important! That is not how I want to live and I think you are seeing that for yourself as well. I hope we can stay on this journey together and share the happiness that the LACK OF WINE provides us both in 2017! Have a safe, sober, and happy New Year’s Eve! Hugs.

  3. Annie, go and read Ginger Groundhog’s latest post. When you get back from London and feel that pre-drink euphoria, just stop for 5 minutes. Go and take a walk, a bath, do something dull and mundane and then wait another 5 minutes. In 30 – 40 minutes, the feeling had subsided with me and I could face the rest of the night.


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