Happy New You…

…is what Belle wrote to me this morning. Dry January has begun, and I am keen to grasp it with both hands and give it everything I’ve got. The main thing to do, of course, is not drink, and that’s the plan, a day at a time.  Indeed, an hour at a time, because I still feel the cravings as we head towards a late lunch here on a rainy New Year’s Day.

I wish I felt more joyous. I just need to be quiet, and not take on too much today, the temptation being to do some work, tackle that filing, get thinner and be nice to everybody – rather, I just need not to drink.

4 thoughts on “Happy New You…”

  1. I can relate — I tend to think I am in charge of everybody having a good time, which is stressful enough to want to drink. It was such a relief to let go of that. People can take are of themselves — I am not in control, nor do I want to be. ; )

  2. Oh Annie I had so many of those New Year’s mornings hoping this would be the year I quit only to last a few days. This year I have 9 months under my belt and never been happier or better.

    It is so important Annie that you do this and get the help you need. There is no shame in an outpatient rehab. It can make the difference and make it just a little bit easier once you have some momentum. No one needs to know, you don’t need to miss work.

    Be brave Annie and try some new tactics to end this. You have the power, it is your choice and it is under your control but only you can decide to do this once and for all. Much love.

    1. Wise words. I found I couldn’t do it alone after trying for years on and off.
      I took the step and got outside help, who knows where id be now if i hadnt. I believe there’s strength in asking for help.

  3. Hi Annie, from my own experiences and failures in the past I know how difficult the start out can be, but it does get easier. There is a wealth of support and advice to be had from others who have been down the same road, and I believe that where quitting alcohol is concerned there is no such thing as too much support.
    One day at a time sounds a bit clichéd, but it works.
    You are not alone, and it is do-able.
    The joy will come.
    Kind regards.

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