Found the witching hour really hard this evening, but am through and settling down to watch a film. Feel relieved and happy – and amazed!

26 thoughts on “Through”

  1. Great news! Remember, one day (witching hour) at a time. There’s a lot of plodding in these early days. Keep your eyes down, march steadily along the path, and don’t worry too much about how soon you’re going to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel (or what that light might or should look like). Honestly, it will probably get harder before it gets easier. So, day after day: Just. Don’t Drink.

  2. Not amazed, Annie dear. *smile* You have it in you to do this, and by that, I mean the ability to let go of trying to control the drink. I believe in you. Let go. It is so much easier than bargaining or setting limits or hating yourself because you can’t moderate or be like everyone else (normies). Sobriety isn’t a mountain you climb, it’s a wall – 4 walls! – you knock down. Love.* -HM.

  3. Wonderful! Glad you were not bewitched and were then able to watch a movie with a clear mind. Sweet! Life can be so good. Blessings to you.

  4. Hi Annie, an app I found really helped me (and still does) is Stop Drinking Alcohol (small price for full version). Just a calendar and comments really but I loved just reading quick notes to remind me what I am (not) missing… And on my phone so I can use any time with nobody knowing what I am doing! All the best, Patti x

  5. Good. I assume you have asked your husband to clear the booze out of the house and to join you in sobriety for a while?
    If so, perhaps you can become coffee/tea/ water connoisseurs for a while. Something to help in the witching hour.

    Or go to a meeting. I’m sure there is one every night.

  6. Hi Annie, well done you, things will get easier for you too.
    I don’t know if you have any books on the subject, but I can thoroughly recommend Allen Carr’s “No More Hangovers” you can get it from Amazon, it is only £5 for paperback, or if you have a kindle you can download it for £2,49. after years of failures I got this book and believe that it was one of the key factors to my success this time, I read it through several times. Probably one of the most precious items I have ever bought. If you wish to have a look at it, you can find it here:-

    Just keep going Annie.
    Kind regards.

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