Day 5

Just leaving for work, but wanted to write a quick post to say THANK YOU and I’M STILL HERE. I didn’t drink, and today is Day 5.

Annie x

8 thoughts on “Day 5”

  1. Wonderful!! That took strength – I know, I’m on day 4 and YOU are one of my inspirations. Let’s both keep it up!

  2. Awesome Annie! I never knew how much there was to do until i quit drinking. Yesterday i got out of work early. That voice in my head thought it would be wonderful to stop and buy some alcohol, you know to make all the things i want to get done with the extra time more wonderful. I replied yeah right, buy some beer go home with the intent to just drink a few while catch up on the phone or computer. Drink some more and more until it was gone. The only thing i would have been doing is trying to drive safely to the corner store to buy more or bribe my son into driving me. Oh and hiding the cans until my husband left for work in the morning so he did not know how much i drank.. I would have continued drinking until i stumbled to bed, woken up feeling like crud and back to day 1…ugh..No thank you voice in my head! I would have accomplished nothing even the simple things of making dinner, walking the dog or cleaning the house. The things that make a house a home. On day 11 today and really finding it helpful to disagree with everything that voice in my head says…:)

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