Saturday evening

Keeping busy:

  • doing some work
  • cooking and soon to be eating some spring rolls
  • drinking some water
  • reading stories from the beginnings of some of my favourite sober blogs
  • listening to Jean from Unpickled being interviewed on a podcast (see her website for the link) – so so so helpful
  • watching the documentary about drinking in Wales recommended in the comments on my blog a few days ago – thank you
  • not drinking any alcohol


9 thoughts on “Saturday evening”

  1. Annie – I have followed your blog from almost your first day .. and I, too have followed a similar dappled path. Some shining good bits and some dank murky dark bits. I so admire you! Life is not black and white and your ability to get up, dust yourself down – and start all over again is inspiring! Keep smiling!
    This is the first time, ever, that I have been brace enough to comment anywhere!

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