Dry January starts

Dry January starts today. I didn’t manage to have an alcohol-free evening yesterday, so today is a new beginning for me. I am absolutely determined to succeed this time. One of the friends who was here last night is going to do Dry January with me, as is my husband, so I feel supported.

But ultimately I am on my own with this. My friend, for example, is doing Dry Jan as a health kick, just to see if she can do it. For me, it is much more serious, and as the years roll by and I fail to sort this out, it does not get any easier.

So, I will tackle this a day at a time, and I begin today.

24 thoughts on “Dry January starts”

  1. I have the same struggles as you, just know that your posts make me feel not so alone. I wish you well. Emma xxx

  2. Annie, the journey to an alcohol free life must begin with a decision to say no to a drink. And then another. If this means not going to places, or spending time with people who will be drinking, then this is a sacrifice you will need to make. Sobriety does not ‘just happen’. It is an active decision. Again and again. Annie, I really hope you can do this alone, but I strongly (again) believe that you need professional support and a detox programme. Please at least consider this before you pass the point where it’s too late. Very best wishes for 2018, Lily 🌷🌷xxx

  3. Annie, its so good to gear from you. Im doing dry january too. This is my day 1. I dont know if you remember me, we have been on this journey together for so long. We can do this xx

  4. Hi Annie, and Happy New Year to you! It is great that you have support and a team of sober January fellows…and fabulous that you realize that this is about YOU! Don’t let them sway you if they don’t succeed, your success is within you and you CAN do this! Reach within and really look at who you want to be, who you are, and what will bring you peace in your life! Hugs.

  5. Hugs
    Today is a great day to start.
    Join in with your friends dry January. Use that support to start.
    It doesn’t all have to be dire seriousness.
    And if it is too hard, add supports. Find the numbers you have called before. Use the, again.
    Do it for you. You deserve this!
    A ne

  6. Annie,,Hope you have a wonderful sober 2018 !
    I had my first sober day yesterday since September and we were staying in a pub !!!
    Attempting dry January and see where it takes me

  7. I’m also partaking in Dry January. I usually ski at this time of the year, so it’s not really feasible to give up the booze, but this year is an exception. I’ve had quite a few dry months over the years. I started one in September which carried on through until mid-December! I love the feeling of waking up hangover-free and able to get on with life. Just a week left to go – you can do it!

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