The doldrums

I’m not feeling so buoyant today. I won’t let it derail me though. I will sit quietly with it. I’ve got orchestra this evening which I always enjoy, although I am feeling very tired.

I am sure this slump is common in the first few days; I must accept it and push through.

8 thoughts on “The doldrums”

  1. I know that well. I think it’s part of the whole “mourning” period. It’s like breaking up with the guy that you knew was so bad for you but you loved the rush it gave you in the short run.
    The internal battle sucks and is exhausting

  2. It is common Annie, very common. It’s a combination of physical withdrawal, which can make you feel really pants, and psychological recognition of the reality. Don’t let it derail you.soon you will feel better, and it beats all the crap feelings of anxiety and shame that come with persistent drinking. I’m close to London, happy to meet for a coffee if it would help you xxx lily🌷x

  3. Annie, if u haven’t already read it, have a look at Primrose,Takjng a New Path’s post from yesterday “Looking back on the 1st 7 days of my sobriety “. It’s brilliant, & might help. Keep going and keep blogging. Hugs Catherine K

  4. At the sake of sounding cliche and such – this too shall pass. It sucks right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping tomorrow if a better one for you.

  5. Annie, sending hugs. The tiredness is really common. You will just feel it bit bleurgh. Enjoy seeing and experiencing orchestra through this lens. Observe the little bits that creep in. The relief from not drinking. Moments of lightness or maybe joy? Move from one second to the next, one minute to the next. Let it wash over rather than pushing. Sit with it, but stay with it. You are doing this. You are amazing. Spin the thread from one day to the next, it is golden and bright. It is already leading you into this present. It’s not something in the future. It’s here, now. Embrace it. Sending much love E. Xx

  6. Hi Annie, you might want to look at today’s Long Read in The Guardian by William Leith. Thinking of you and hoping you finally nail this. Xxx

  7. It sounds pretty normal. I also remember repeatedly feeling dreadful towards the end of the first week with lots of headaches and barely able to stay awake. It didn’t last too long, it’ll be behind you soon. Take care x

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