Still quiet

Sunday, and quietness before I go back to work tomorrow. I haven’t done enough preparation for work, and have been procrastinating terribly; but I haven’t been drinking and that is more important at the moment. Quiet, it really does feel quiet – in a good way.

Once I am busier, and around more people, I worry that there will be triggers.

In the meantime, I am taking it hour by hour, having alcohol-free drinks at all the potential problem points, reading, sitting quietly, thinking. One or two people have said I look well; and my son commented on my being perkier in the evenings.

Is this really Day 7??

12 thoughts on “Still quiet”

  1. Well done. Keep it up! And yes, there will be triggers unfortunately….but each time you get through it you get a little stronger. It’s ok to be cranky and pouty when going through it! Stay strong!

  2. Hi Annie, so glad to see you are back! I found you again as I went through my old blog posts. I saw that you were my first comment on my first post. I really appreciated that! So I clicked to see if your blog was open again and Yay it was! I am still in learning mode here and fed up as well. Back to blogging. Day 7 is awesome, Day 5 here! Right on your tail, keep at it! I am also reading SM’s book, it’s terrific!

  3. A whole week behind you, and I am sure everyone is right that you are looking better on the outside, which is a blessing! What is more fabulous is that you are looking better on the inside as well! I hope you are very proud of yourself…I am proud of you!

  4. Happy Sunday evening Annie.. massive well done. You have achieved so much this week. Dont focus on what you think you haven’t done. Instead allow yourself a quiet moments reflection as to how far you have come. I remember that first week. It was tough beyond words. Keep on with keeping on. Keep on with caring for yourself. We are with you here, supporting. Hold that quiet space for yourself. Its tmyours, no triggers, no stress, no worries just that golden thread you are creating daily. So proud of you. Hugs E xxx

  5. Very very well done Annie. Fantastic. Just keep on going. Nothing matters as much as sustaining your sobriety… prioritise that above all else… I’m so pleased for you 😀😀😀👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 lily 🌷 x

  6. First week – and the hardest – done already. Keep focussed, hour at a time… You’re strong enough to do this and everyone is rooting for you! Xx

  7. Amazing Annie, I’m Day 1 today, I can’t wait to be where you are in a weeks time. Spend time being calm and still. Try not to worry about not getting things done. Nothing is as important as what you are doing right now for yourself. Lots of love xx

  8. Day 7 down for me too! It’s not an easy road, I know, but with support and encouragement it can be a bit easier to navigate. Good job, keep going…

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