… and going to bed after being back at work today. But still sober. A couple of people at work expressed dismay when I said I was doing Dry January; I will not be phased by them. They may be disappointed at the idea that I won’t be out drinking with them, but that will pass, and they soon won’t mind, or even notice.

I am already really busy and feel the pressure building up, but am still trying to sit quietly with my thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Tired…”

  1. Do you drink a lot with your co workers? Is it part of your work culture?
    Perhaps this month is a month or resting and being at home.

    I’m sure anyone who is disappointed they don’t have their drinking buddy will find other ways to drink.

    Hugs. Good job.

  2. I know everybody uses different tools – I found that the Android app Stop Drinking Alcohol full (publishers Oristat, about £3, I think) really helped me when I finally stopped. I still use it now… There’s a calendar to mark off days, but you can cycle through loads of quotes – some of which really struck home with me. I just found it useful to have something on a phone I could quickly look at even when I wasn’t at home… often I’d leave it on a quote that I found particularly apt to remind myself why I’d stopped!

    If others are disappointed by you not drinking that is their problem and not yours!

  3. Remember tired is healing. It made me feel better to think I was starting to mend the physical and mental damage caused by drinking too much on an on-going basis. Be sure to get as much sleep as you possibly can, You are doing well Anne.

  4. Annie, a lot of the tiredness is caused by the significant drop in the amount of sugar you’ve been consuming. When I stopped drinking I replaced it with chcolate, and despite eating a massive amount I didn’t put on any weight – which just goes to show how much sugar I’d been imbibing with the booze.

    This phase gets better, I promise. You’re doing amazingly well.

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