A bit numb

I’m about to go to bed at the end of Day 10, still sober.

I’m sorry I am not writing very much at the moment. I feel a bit numb – it is strange – and just continue to be very quiet at home in the evenings, trying not to think too much in a way, because that’s when I start to get anxious and to overthink stuff. I just want to get through these days, and not to drink.

8 thoughts on “A bit numb”

  1. Quiet sounds good!
    An idea – really helped me but you may have no interest…
    Drop into hobbycraft, or a sewing shop, and biy a small wooden embroidery hoop and a mini cross stitch kit.
    Keeps both hands busy, no experience needed, complicated enough to keep your mind occupied (yet goes wrong if you stop concentrating), takes up no room, can be done anywhere, and makes the hours fly past!

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