14 thoughts on “Morning”

  1. Like so many others, I’m lurking here, willing you to succeed. There will be good days and bad days – prepare for the bad days/moments but don’t get despondent thinking about struggles in the future. There will be plenty of joy and positivity mixed in there as well. Deal with today, and you may well be pleasantly surprised tomorrow.
    PS I’d written this yesterday, but could only get back into my account today. SO DELIGHTED to see you here this morning

  2. Brilliant – double figures. A milestone. Today’s quote from my app:
    ‘There’s no situation so bad that a drink doesn’t make it worse;
    I used that one quite a lot when I was stressed or upset and thought I needed a drink…

  3. Almost through the worst of it!!!! Keep going! I did don’t believe anyone when they told me to just hang on and it will get better. 35 days in I can tell you it does.

  4. Well done Annie. I am on Day 9. I like that quote above from Patti – it is so true! I have read the part in Clare Pooley’s book when she has breast cancer and she says she has no idea how she would have coped with it all had she still been drinking. I was drinking when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and throughout treatment (except when I was too unwell to eat let alone drink) and especially afterwards and realise how it was, and is making a bad situation worse. I have been struggling post treatment and using wine to dull my fears. Even having not had wine for 9 days does make me feel less anxious. I’m getting off the point here Annie – this is your blog. Keep remembering why you want to be sober and just take one day at a time xx

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