Friday evening

I am finding the Friday cravings a little tricky this evening, but I am pushing through them. I felt really tired after work, and ‘sod it’ thoughts went through my head as I walked home: I’ll just have a drink and no one will know sorts of thoughts. Didn’t do that. Came home, sat straight down with an alcohol-free drink and prepared some work for tomorrow. And now I need to get supper ready and I’ll probably watch some sort of easy/trashy film.

I guess I’m missing going out, but that just wouldn’t be possible or advisable at the moment. I was struck by how empty London was yesterday evening on my way back from rehearsal – maybe everyone is having a rest after alcohol-fuelled December.

When I feel a negative drinking thought – an urge to drink – I literally try and stop thinking at the moment. And that’s what seems to be working quite well. Day 12 today.

9 thoughts on “Friday evening”

  1. I also struggled today – Friday evening and I walked past another of my favourite wine shops after work. Usually on a Friday I walk in the door and pour a glass of wine. It is so easy to justify and think ‘just one’ but we know that that doesn’t work so well done for squashing those thoughts. I hope that by this time of night and having watched a film the thoughts have quietened down. I am beginning to really appreciate being alert at this time of night and also knowing that I will feel well tomorrow morning. Do you have plans for the weekend to keep yourself busy? Take care xx

  2. Nearly 2 weeks now Annie… I hope your weekend goes well – if you’re tempted to have ‘a drink that nobody knows about’ remind yourself that it won’t be ‘a’ drink, it will be the first of many. Don’t go there. Thinking of you x

  3. Well done Annie…and you are NOT missing out! You are starting to live again and each day it will get easier, and BETTER! One drink will never be just one and the ending of drinking doesn’t resemble anything to having fun! Remember that and just keep going…you are doing AMAZING!

  4. Friday nights in the beginning are the worst! Get in bed with some warm tea and get a great nights sleep. Your brain is healing every minute of it and you are putting more time between you and drinking. You can do this. Just power through. Hugs

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