Day 15…

…and only just back from work. Not drinking seems to be my new normal, and I am glad.

I am a little disappointed still to be feeling so tired, not to be sleeping well, and not to be looking remotely radiant.

But – not drinking, that’s the important thing.

5 thoughts on “Day 15…”

  1. Annie you are doing great! I felt just like you did at this point and I promise it gets better it just takes a few weeks for your body to deal with the alcohol leaving your system. You’ll be healing while you’re sleeping. I think its so positive that you aren’t putting too much pressure on yourself you’re just focused on not drinking. No judgement just don’t drink. That’s perfect for now. I am cheering for you Annie xxx

  2. Absolutely no disappointment needed!
    Consider how many years you drank. It will take time for your body to heal. Give it that opportunity.
    You won’t regret it!


  3. Alcohol is a ghastly poison and takes time to get out of your system… The sleep will come and meanwhile every day you’re becoming healthier even if as yet you can’t see the evidence.

  4. Annie, it is still really early days in terms of clearing the toxins. Your liver needs a chance to recover, and you have been doped into sleep by alcohol fo along time so your natural body rhythms take time to re-establish. It will get better I promise if you just take it gently, each day as it comes. M&S sell a pillow spray called ‘this really works’ or something which I find quite soporific … WELL DONE ! love Lily x

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