A low day

I’m feeling low today. Not sure why, nothing specific, just a feeling. Thoughts of drinking were harder to push away, and surfaced earlier in the day than usual. But once home, I had some alcohol-free drinks and literally forced myself to do other things: got on with some work, did a couple of errands, just pushed through the low stuff.

I guess I feel a bit sad, and low.

8 thoughts on “A low day”

  1. I’m so impressed Annie. You’re digging deep and it’s exhausting. It’s ok to feel sad. We are used to medicating that feeling away with alcohol so it feels uncomfortable. You should feel so proud. Although I hate people telling me how I should feel so instead I’ll just say – I’m so proud of you 🙂

  2. It’s difficult with long winter evenings to fill and depressing weather too – but you can get through it. Don’t let the inner addict tell you that alcohol will help – we all know it won’t and that any ‘highs’ it brings will be short-lived and ultimately lead to worse lows than any you’re experiencing now.

  3. Hi Annie, I am plodding along too. Lots of ups and downs. I so wanted a glass of wine yesterday but I kept thinking how awful I would feel as soon as that first sip had progressed to that first glass. I imagined waking in the night hot and sweaty from alcohol with that feeling of having failed. I knew that however bad, irritable, angry etc I felt ALCOHOL WOULD NOT HELP. What roslyn54 says is so true – we use alcohol so we don’t have to feel and it is hard to be back in the world of dealing with all the stuff that is thrown at us constantly. I have snow outside and a tyre that I think will be flat by morning. I find I am far calmer about all of this and the fact that I might not be able to get to work tomorrow or my daughter to school. I will just deal with it – it’s not the end of the world. Are you finding you are better able to cope with situations? I hope you are finding some positives from your 15 days of not drinking. Keep going Annie xx

  4. Oh, i hear SUCH a different Annie from all the times before! You are doing amazing! Do NOT find fault w how you are getting by day by day.
    Cheer yourself for getting by, however, whatever it takes. I think I remember that sense of ‘quietude’ ….but our brains are incredible things and if yours is just ‘taking a rest’ getting used to the new realm AND processing all that has changed, that’s ok! As is a sense of grief…..you are mourning something that was a part of your life for….however long. Don¡t question anything you are feeling or doing. As long as you are ticking off another day….you are doing FANTASTIC.

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