Many thanks for your comments; they really really help me. I felt a great deal better today. Although last night my sleep was still disturbed, I didn’t feel so tired today, and hardly dwelt on drinking at all. This coincided with one of my colleagues saying I looked 10 years younger, now I was ‘off the sauce’ (his words) – radiant was also mentioned! I don’t want to sound boastful; rather, it is to record this observation, to help me see the light.

So, Day 17, and I feel more positive.

7 thoughts on “Better”

  1. Each day you sound better. You seem so much calmer on this go round. I don’t see the “am I/am I not” or the “maybe I can on weekends ” bullcrap that we ALL (me especially) bounce around our brains. It’s just a quiet, slow journey. It’s amazing how the days add up. ❤️

  2. Psychologically you may have good days and bad days for a while, but your physical – and mental – health will improve with every day you don’t drink. And – depending on how much alcohol you were consuming – you’re likely to lose some weight, which generally has a ‘feel-good’ effect.

  3. Way to go Annie! Even though how you feel about yourself is paramount in your recovery, it’s always nice to get those comments from others. “Ten years younger” is just the beginning and that is great motivation!

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