Day 21

On the train to London this morning, going to my rehearsal, the man sitting opposite me got a bottle of booze out of his bag and took a swig. It was 10am. I could smell him when he got on the train – he was young, just a normal guy. I am glad not to be feeling as though I need a top-up of alcohol to help me through a hangover; I am sure that is something I have occasionally done, the hair of the dog. It’s not a pretty sight, and it struck me today what a strange thing it was to do.

Back home now, and heading towards another quiet night in.

10 thoughts on “Day 21”

  1. I have done this so many times, just to get through the pain… I Just Couldn’t imagine going back there now. Thank goodness those days are gone. Love to you ❤

  2. Annie, I’m so delighted that you are choosing to stay home and prioritise looking after yourself – so important in the early days when you are creating distance between yourself and your last drink.
    Btw, I must apologise – I’ve started a new blog, and I’ve just realised that I’ve chosen a blog title very similar to your one. Oh well, you know what they say about the highest form of flattery……..!

  3. As hard as it is, and sometimes you question why you’re doing this, something comes along and REMINDS you… you’re doing great! Just keep plodding along!

  4. I’ve been reading back over your blog and really liked the list you made after you had met with Clare. Do you go back and look at it sometimes? All your feelings are just how it is – and I have done a lot of projecting myself forward to the time after the first drink or the morning after the first bottle (because now I am feeling so well I keep thinking I could just have some wine one night…) and KNOW that I would feel so awful that I would then give up. So I keep resisting and keep going. I find your blog so helpful. I said to a friend today that I haven’t now had any alcohol for nearly 3 weeks – and she then said she hadn’t either, and doesn’t miss it at all! Aaaah! Being here helps because all of you understand…
    So Annie, back to the beginning of another week. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well xx

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