Social stuff

Last night, we went to a drinks thing, and watched everyone drink wine, and we had elderflower. It transpires there is only so much elderflower one can drink in an evening. I noticed how fast everyone drank alcohol, and the more they drank, the funnier they thought they were. My husband has often remarked in the past that I am not remotely funny when I drink, and last night I realised – watching people drinking – that drinking alcohol gives you the illusion that you, and other people drinking around you, are hilarious. In reality, they are quite uninteresting, and not their best selves. I was pleased to have gone to a social event, drunk alochol-free drinks, and not to have felt deprived, although we did leave much earlier than everyone else.

After choir rehearsal this evening, I had one tonic water with ice and lime in the pub before going home. I didn’t like being in a pub at all, and am not going to repeat that for a while. I didn’t feel like drinking; it was more that the whole exercise felt pointless.

Now peacefully cooking supper, the evening of Day 26.

4 thoughts on “Social stuff”

  1. I used to think that life wouldn’t be any fun if I couldn’t go to the pub (which has always been a big part of our lives) and have a few large glasses (or bottles) of wine. I don’t drink alcohol-free substitutes as I feel that it’s kind of perpetuating the habit that I wanted to get out of. Now I tend just not to go to a pub or, if I do, it’s never for long. My husband still drinks and going to the pub is one of his pleasures, but friends know that I just don’t go any more… I’ve deliberately found other interests that don’t involve drinking and tend to spend more time with the friends that I have who don’t drink to excess and aren’t in the least bothered whether I have a drink or not. I do find myself getting irritated with people who are drunk, and have to now force myself to remember that I was one of those people… slurring, repetitive, often over-forceful, occasionally embarrassing. I’m certainly embarrassed at some of the memories I have of my behaviour when drunk and I can’t imagine now wanting to be that person again.
    PS I have, though, developed quite an embarrassing habit – I tend to carry a couple of teabags and a mug around with me, much to some people’s amusement…

  2. Good for you Annie. I too have spent an evening in the pub with five people who were drinking loads. I enjoyed myself, drove everyone home and can look forward to a sober Saturday:)

  3. You’re doing so well Annie. I agree with Anne just trust your instincts. And in the morning try and remember to pause and enjoy how wonderful it is to wake up without that hungover feeling xxxx

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