Saturday again

Still here, still calm. I am amazed at how calm and quiet this month has been, so different from the times I have tried before. I am still not thinking too much about it, just staying in this steady rhythm. I have nearly finished Clare’s book, which I have found to be helpful and therapeutic.

Saturday evening stretches ahead. I’m about to head out into the dark to go to the gym, but the fire is lit and I’ll be back soon.

7 thoughts on “Saturday again”

  1. Hi Annie, Clare’s book was so helpful – knowing that all this time later she is still not drinking does make it seem possible. I am off out this evening to a choir concert where there is always a free drink included in the ticket price, but actually, I don’t find that so hard as am never that keen on drinking in public. The hard bit is coming home afterwards. But that is getting easier. Annoyingly my wine tummy does not show any signs of going down yet… Hope you enjoy your session at the gym xx

  2. Make a cup of tea as soon as you get home to drink in front of the fire. Focus on feeling fab tomorrow morning!

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