Sunday morning list

28 days in, and last night my husband and I had a chat about the benefits of not drinking, and what we’ve found this month. I’ve done this before, and it’s always really helpful. The trick is for me to refer back to this list if I’m feeling wobbly.

So here it is, some thoughts (in no particular order) on the past few weeks:

* I have felt calmer and much less anxious about stuff
* After weeks of disturbed sleep/bad dreams, I am beginning to sleep better
* I don’t feel so guilty or regretful
* I haven’t argued with my husband; I don’t think I’ve argued with anyone
* I wash my face every night (this one is hilarious – I don’t think I washed my face before going to bed once last year!)
* I am happy lighting the fire and watching television in the evenings
* The children say I am chirpier in the evenings
* I don’t frequent pubs
* One or two people at work have said I look younger
* My skin doesn’t feel dry or greasy
* I care a bit more about how I look/what I’m wearing (I really gave up on that last year)
* I am reading book after book
* I’ve taken up piano lessons again
* I’ve stopped drinking on the way to and from orchestra rehearsals
* I’ve stopped lying about drinking, and stopped hiding drinks in cupboards or drinking more than my husband when he’s not looking (although he says he actually often noticed I was doing this)
* I haven’t had any hangovers
* When I have felt tired, I know it is because I am really tired, not because I’ve been drinking
* When I’ve been upset about something, I have talked about it, and cried, rather than drunk wine to cover it
* I haven’t sent crazy texts late at night and forgotten about them the next day
* I haven’t been so paranoid (although I am still quite paranoid about stuff)
* I feel ‘clean’

We also discussed what we missed, but this list was really tiny, and a bit ‘forced’, eg. missing the ‘sophistication’ of the variety of alcoholic drinks. I used to think this was a big deal, but I now actually think it’s rubbish and just an excuse.

Still very much day by day, though. Maybe it’ll always be like that.

11 thoughts on “Sunday morning list”

  1. One of the things I still feel uncomfortable about is how I would do what you described Annie and have a drink in the kitchen or stashed somewhere. You think people don’t notice or don’t know. They do. I feel embarrassed about that now. It’s almost childlike the thought process behind doing that.
    Well done Annie. 28 days! You have done the hardest bit. I’m not saying it is easy from here it isn’t but you have definitely done the hardest part. Keep going Xxxxx

  2. You are doing SO amazing!!! Your list could be mine, and for every one of the reasons why we DON’T drink, I am grateful! It won’t always be day by day, I promise! I am getting to a point where I will have days at a time that I don’t even think about alcohol…and I never thought that would be possible…but it is, and it will happen for you too! The benefits will keep growing and when you do have that urge to drink, look over this list again. This makes me so happy for you!!!

  3. Great list, Annie!
    You could keep it as an “open list”, as I’m pretty sure you’ll need to
    keep adding to it – the benefits just keep on coming!

  4. Annie this list is wonderful. It really made me smile to read it here. To hear you sound so focused, open and present – it’s just brilliant . Even a year on some bits of this list made me uncomfortable because I know how awful I truly felt and how much I don’t wish to ever go back. Life is so much more rewarding, easier, exciting and joyful now. Well done. Thank you for your beautiful blog. Keep on keeping on. E xx

  5. No, it won’t always be like that – I couldn’t believe there would ever be a day when the thought of alcohol didn’t cross my mind, but that’s what’s happened. So pleased you’ve taken up your piano again. All sounds brilliant x

  6. I wrote a similar list, but I gave points to each item on either side, according to what a difference I considered they made to my life. 1 for ‘not important’ to 10 for ‘very important’.

    Even if I gave each item on the ‘pro-alcohol’ list (which, admittedly, wasn’t very long) 10 points the ‘no drinking’ list was the winner by a huge margin. Kind of a no-brainer really… x

  7. Oh yeah! All of the above your honor… I laughed at the washing your face one. No matter how tired I am these days I always take my makeup off. Self care is a major lifestyle change for me. I remember going to work straight from clubs…MANKY. Well done lady S x

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