Moving forward

Yesterday I had a whole day without alcohol and I am so very pleased! We went to a lunch party but alcohol wasn’t a massive part of it, and apart from someone offering to put a dram of whiskey in my soup (?!?), I didn’t feel that anyone was pushing the booze. I felt perfectly happy drinking fizzy water and lemon, and concentrating on the food and the chat. Normally, I’d have been seeking out the wine, so I was super-aware of not doing that.

Then in the evening, I made mocktails and drank those while cooking, and later, watching television, I drank lots of herbal tea. All quite humdrum, but that’s what got me through.

Clare Pooley’s book is really good, and very helpful. She’s amazing. She was on Woman’s Hour this morning, Radio 4 – she’s a legend!

Dry January starts

Dry January starts today. I didn’t manage to have an alcohol-free evening yesterday, so today is a new beginning for me. I am absolutely determined to succeed this time. One of the friends who was here last night is going to do Dry January with me, as is my husband, so I feel supported.

But ultimately I am on my own with this. My friend, for example, is doing Dry Jan as a health kick, just to see if she can do it. For me, it is much more serious, and as the years roll by and I fail to sort this out, it does not get any easier.

So, I will tackle this a day at a time, and I begin today.