I am a 43 year old woman with a husband and 3 children, and am desperately trying to give up alcohol…

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  1. Hi
    I have started reading your Blog. I am 47 with 3 children and a husband, two dogs and a cat. first time at trying sobriety and am at day 27!
    it gets easier, turn the voices off in your head and carry on. what message are you sending to your kids by being pissed every night? You are setting them up to continue the cycle. is that what you want for them. if you cant do it for you, try thinking about doing it for them. this drinking culture we have is so destructive and we all have to stop it for the sake of our children.!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 46 and two kids. New husband, two dogs and 8 chickens.

    Those voices are a killer. I’ve not caught up yet but hang on in there.

    Both my kids (so far) drink responsibly but not due to me as a role model.

  3. I am in the same boat — today is my day 2 (i think, when does it actually start? the next day, after 24 hrs?) … I’m in my 30s and have 3 young kids… I look forward to reading about your journey as I write mine, as well.

  4. Your blog scares the hell out of me. I grew up with an alcoholic mother who was so sweet and tried so hard but just numbed out all the time, when she went to the bathroom at night, she’d stumble and swear and then apologise if she saw us watching. Her one piece of advice was ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

    I spoke to my father once when I was 14 and he said, ‘She’s not so bad and she can’t help it. It’s too late now for her to sober up.’ And she didn’t, she died drunk at 49. She never knew us and we never had a chance to know her.

    Please give yourself a chance and take this seriously. It could save your life.

  5. Hi Anne,
    I am currently writing a guide to online support communities which will include the blogging community, I would like to include a link to your blog and an excerpt from your blog. I know you feel that you are not succeeding right now, but what you are going through right now, the lessons you are learning, as hard as they are, are all leading up to the point when you can say good-bye in peace to drinking. Your blog paints an intricate picture of the struggles we all go through, and it is a testament to how strong you are, how strong anyone has to be when fighting this demon. I’d like to discuss this more with you if you are interested. My email is karymayhickey@gmail.com

    Hang in there gal, you are getting there!

  6. There are problem drinkers that actually can learn to moderate and drink only on the weekends, I know several and, as I think I’ve told you in the past, I could not have embraced not drinking without proving to myself that I was not one of those people. I did that with almost 24/7 support. Blogging once a day then reading the comments, just wasn’t enough for me. If you want more info, contact me. I will guarantee, that you will never be told that you are doing it wrong, or that you’re not trying hard enough.

  7. Hi, I’m Aim, I can relate wholeheartedly with you. Today the 1st of May is my “let’s start again day”!

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