…I finished reading Clare Pooley’s book. It is so good, and I find her story incredibly helpful. I’m now going to go back and reread some other books I have, starting with Caroline Knapp’s book, which I’ve read several times already.

I am still feeling very tired, but in a week’s time it will be half-term, and I can then have a bit of a rest.

Not drinking: the new me. But still very much approaching this a day at a time.

21 thoughts on “Today…”

  1. Good that it’s nearly half-term, maybe a bit less stress for you. I have Caroline Knapp’s book in my bedside table and dip into it still. Have you seen Leaving Las Vegas? Not joyful watching, but a great movie. Keep on with your days x

  2. I think I’ve read Caroline Knapp’s book four or five times, and I’m halfway though Clare’s book. I need a highlighter for Clare’s book because so many passages resonate with me. I feel like these people are my friends after I read their books, like we are all in this together. ; )

  3. Strong work! Go you.

    Caroline Knapp was great. Such a way with words. I rarely underline but my copy of Drinking:A Love Story is full of marks.

  4. I’m also into Caroline Knapp’s book. Such truths, such commonality! I come across a sentence and think: Absolutely! Exactly like that! Her book, and every day we roam about this friendly sobersphere is a reminder: None of us is alone.

  5. Annie,
    I’ve never sent a message to someone I don’t know ever….
    You know what is best for you but it isn’t always a road that is straight ….there are highs when you make 30 days and think that all days after will be easy and then there are roads that take you to the depths of darkness. You are the only one who decides which road is your path….not always an easy one but if you choose the right one…..a happy one. Still hoping you are okay and still fighting the battle.

  6. Worried about you & your children Annie. Think of you all often and wonder how you’re doing. Just reach a hand out of the darkness Annie, there are a lot of us out here just waiting to catch you x

  7. Hello. I’ll have to try Caroline Knapp’s book. Hope a break has you feeling less tired.
    I’m here for day 1 of no booze after listening to the audible book ‘Sober Diaries’ which is both sad and funny but mostly honest and helpful! I stopped drinking for 9 months and over the summer I decided I could have a glass of wine on a trip to Portugal celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary. Well no surprise, I can’t moderate. Wine is zapping my energy, waistline, youthful skin and pushing me towards a depression I’ve never felt.
    Signed, Tired in NY

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