I am sorry I have been distant. I am still here. Things are not perfect, and I need to sort a lot of stuff out. I would like to come back.

I need to do what I did in January – that is, to stop drinking.

23 thoughts on “Distant”

  1. I send so much love to you Annie. I am SO SO where you are..desperate to break free of the hold alcohol has over me yet completely unable to cope with life without it. I am OK most of the day but then when I get to 5:00 pm…I cant survive the shift. I have set a new start date (likely my 465th…to pick a big number…since this has been going on for so long) But Sunday June 10th is my quit day. I have followed your struggle for years and am so touched by your honesty and vulnerability. I would do anything I could to support you and maybe you could do the same for me. Reach out if that appeals to you. Again…sending love…

  2. Stopping is terrifying. I’m reading, reading, reading reading sober blogs and picking up strategies to use.

  3. Hi Annie, been wondering how you were getting on… Good to know you’re ok, but wondering why you disappeared? Did you think you would be able to control your drinking? Was there an event that triggered it? Maybe somebody here could have helped. You’re not alone xx

  4. Hi Annie. I see you like Carolyn Knapp’s book (which I’ve also read over and over again). Do you feel like reading half of a memoir? It’s mine, and I’m trying to get some opinions about the first half as I work on the second. ; )

  5. Hi Annie, I was directed to your blog by SM’s list of blogs she follows. I’ve devoured your journey in a matter of days. I couldn’t stop reading. I’m 20something days sober and the honesty of your journey has been very helpful. I was so sad to see that you stopped writing in 2018 and my thoughts keep coming back to you. I wonder how you’re doing, I wonder if you’re managing, I wonder if you’re still trying. Don’t give up.
    I hope it’s a “happy” ending.
    20something days

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