Sunday dusk

Day 14 and it’s already dark. Several of my work colleagues went out last night, and it sounded great fun, but I can’t do that stuff at the moment, and it was far better for me to stay at home, safe. I am still quite troubled by my sleep – my dreams continue to be very strange and disturbing. I hope this will pass.

This morning, I read more of Clare’s book. Twice, I wept. I find it so moving, and as I have actually met her (she’s amazing), I can picture her as I read.

I have been making a really good mocktail: lots of ice, a couple of centimetres of vanilla/almond syrup (from the coffee area in the supermarket – I think it’s used in coffees), juice of half a lime, juice of half a lemon, top up with lemonade (not the cloudy one). It’s delicious. I think I may have posted this on my blog before, but have no idea where/when.

And so I move along, quietly.

11 thoughts on “Sunday dusk”

  1. Quietly is ok right now. We have had so much noise in our heads from drinking ! I am in search of a good mocktail. I am going to give your concoction a try.
    You sound calm and determined, in fact, probably the best I’ve heard (read) ! You’re helping me along my journey as well–38 days.

  2. Yes. It is too soon.
    I’m sure you feel better today than they do.
    Plus, you will be rested and ready for work on Monday.
    Weird dreams are normal. I take magnesium citrate before bed. It helps relax you and reduces anxiety and improves sleep.

    1. Great advice there. I agreed with Ainsobriety. Peace of mind is one of the best gifts in sobriety. I’m not sure if you’re using AA( no judgement, just asking) but for me the support is fantastic. I’m a good few years sober but it is a day at a time S xx

  3. I had horrible nightmares the first few weeks…like, really bizarre and disturbing dreams way out of the ordinary for me! They did pass though (thank goodness) so keep going and your sleep will slowly improve 🙂

  4. Annie you are doing brilliantly. Look how far you have come in 14 days. Quietly is wonderful. Whatever works for you is good. It feels like you can hear yourself more.. and it comes across in your writing. It is the place, the quiet space beyond the noise where you start to meet yourself again. It’s a homecoming of sorts and it is filled with peace. Keep going. Hugs E xx

  5. I’m so happy for you Annie! It is simply a case of putting one foot in front of the other and keeping our minds as calm as possible during these early days isn’t it? My sleep is pretty rubbish too. I’m going to go and get some valerian and some magnesium today, I’m also going to try and get some more exercise. Keep going you’re doing amazing xx

  6. Quite is good Annie. don’t overstrain yourself. Stay at home, mix mocktails and sooth yourself. You are breaking a bad habit and need time and space to recover. Really well done, keep going Lily xx

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