Day 25

Less upbeat today, but I guess that’s inevitable and just part of normal life. My husband had his first drinking dream last night, but I continue to have unrelated nightmares about different stuff – not a drink in sight.

People are asking me if I’m counting down the days until February, but I’m not thinking in that way. Still a day at a time. Sober Mummy has written a good post about Beyond Dry January, which is helpful.

One thought on “Day 25”

  1. There’s highs and lows and then there’s just being and doing. And that’s ok. Because I know when I was drinking the highs were short, the lows were looong and deep and it took so much effort to do things. Sometimes a day is just a day. After all the drinking emotions and drama that goes on in our brains I will take it!! Just keep it to the day at hand.

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