Nearly there

Well, when I say nearly there, I mean I’m nearly at Day 30. Tomorrow. 30 days feels like a bit of a milestone. For the last few months, I haven’t been able to string together more than a few sober days. Sometimes, I haven’t wanted to, but mostly, I’ve been searching for a way. I’m not complacent, and I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I am still pleased that I’ve got this far. A few things have helped me manage it better this time: the daily blogging (almost daily; I didn’t write a post yesterday);  reading other people’s blogs every day; the feeling that other people weren’t drinking in January (although some local mums began this quest and quickly dropped out); my mocktail/bath routine; a slightly worrying tv habit; and a bit of determination. And, my sober support. The encouragement I get from the comments is what brings me back here.

In the past, it has been at these milestones that my plans have started to waver, so I need to keep going, to be alert to the possible temptations. My mini-break with husband fast approaches and that still seems like quite a hurdle. But I won’t worry about that now. Off to squeeze another lime.

17 thoughts on “Nearly there”

  1. Yay! Congratulations on 30 days tomorrow! That’s just fantastic. Good job staying focused on today. Maybe you could talk to your husband about your goal of not drinking on your mini-break? It sounds like he helped you before when you were tempted, maybe he could help again? Just a thought!

  2. Well done. It was 30 for me yesterday. 30 days sounds a lot! It is a lot:) here’s to the next 30 🙂 I’m feeling great physically though a but too heavy for my liking as I’ve been eating my weight in chocolate and ice cream, so I will be tackling that soon. But for now I’ve just got to do whatever it takes to not drink x

  3. Dear Annie As you reach day 30 your posts sound stronger and stronger. When I compare them to posts that you wrote in December, the whole tone, style, manner, everything, is different. When you are not drinking you sound like a strong brave warrior. As soon as you drink you become beaten and broken. I am almost at 6 months and I feel like a different person to the one I was last year. Keep going. Xx

  4. You are doing great Annie – keep going – I agree with the post above you are sounding stronger and more determined. Yay!!!! Can’t believe how good my life is compared to 18 months ago pre-sober – yes the problems still come and go and emotionally it can be a roller coaster sometimes but one quote i will always remember from my counselling is
    Hang in there gal you can do this!

  5. Keep it up! Remember that 30 days isn’t a destination, just a mile marker. You’ve proven to yourself time and again that you and alcohol don’t mix, so focus on cutting it out for good.

  6. congrats on almost 30 days! i am only on day 3 so reading posts like yours gives me hope. keep posting and i will keep reading and commenting! woot woot to you.

  7. Annie,
    So glad you are keeping on, girl!
    30 days is wonderful.
    Never give up was my motto! (Well it still is!)
    Hugs and Peace

  8. Well done, Annie. You sound so positive. I am almost to day 30 too and feel so much better. I do still have a very loud wolfie at the witching hour. I quickly made a soda and cranberry. I am with you on continuing onto the next 30 days. I’ll be there reading your blog 😉

  9. The milestones are nice markers. Don’t let them give you false perspective.
    It is still just one day at a time.
    Keep your sober momentum this time. Tell your husband you want to. That you need to.

    I am really happy for you. I know you want this.


  10. I agree with Anne’s comment above…it’s still one day at a time..your husband wants you to be healthy and happy…get his support before your trip..

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