It’s unusually hot here in the UK. We aren’t used to this sort of heat. Chaos on commuter trains as heatwave hits! run the headlines. It is hard not to feel sluggish and demotivated. And some bad, wine bottle thoughts hung heavy in the air as I shopped this morning.

First things first, though: I got through last night, and am here on Day 3. Thanks for all your comments, which really boosted me. I found some olives lurking in the back of the fridge, made those mocktails and sat outside with my husband. He doesn’t know I’m on another mission, he thinks I’m trying hard not to drink in the week, so he didn’t question the mocktails. But it helped that I suggested them, because if I feel like drinking, and he suggests alcohol-free drinks, I feel rebellious and stubborn about it.

Today, I feel different, a bit worried and not so sure of myself. I 100% know that every single thing I do is improved with no alcohol in my system: all the decisions I make, sleep, reading before bed, interacting with the kids, with my husband – and I haven’t made a ranty call to my poor sister-in-law. And yet (I should have called this blog And Yet, I use that phrase so often), the perfect, chilled, one glass of something haunts me. It is total madness.

Only midday, so the cravings haven’t hit me yet. But when they do, will I be ready?

24 thoughts on “Humid”

  1. Yes, you will be ready. Day 3 is a big milestone. Hydrate with all the things your body needs, treat yourself, go to bed and sleep. And enjoy the summer. I am freezing to death on the other side of the planet!

  2. Seconding Ms. Jones… Yes, you will be ready! Power-up, Power Ranger! You’ve got this one. And actually, you’ve got 3 – Awesome! (p.s. I recommend ice cream or M&Ms for the secret weapon o’ choice.)

  3. Ask your Hiigher Power to remove your obsession to drink! Beg! Pray! Plead! Then believe!
    Be happy with your decision to stop this cycle once and for all! You got the power! Find it girl!!
    I’m rooting for ya!

  4. …oh! And drink lots of ice cold water!!! Add lemon slices.. Detoxify your one and only body! Feel it going down your body, feeding your cells….. so much healthier!

    1. I really like the idea of a Higher Power. I just can’t find it at the moment. I also really liked your idea of detoxifying my body, and wonder whether I should focus more on this? Annie x

  5. Like sober mommy said Believe! You have already conquered today! Just stay strong each moment by moment with the thought “I will not drink today no matter what…” Each time I say it I think of many good and bad things that could happen and repeat that statement for each one. Good luck today!

  6. When the need strikes, grab some water and go start a new project. It’s been unusually hot in Washington too, so we end up closing the house up for the afternoon to keep it cool and I have been going through all our pictures (thousands) on the computer. Something I’ve wanted to get organized for forever, but never did while drinking. Start ‘project Annie’ … Not drinking is super healthy, what else could make you a happier healthier you? My goals are a 30 day yoga challenge (haven’t started yet), reading a book called The Compassionate Mind. Trying to find compassion for myself as well as others. I’m no expert, but these things are helping me get excited about not drinking, granted, I’m only about a week sober, but it might be worth a try. Wishing you soooo much strength tonight!!!

  7. All time like forever and ever record heat here in my part of the US. It ain’t fun and it makes me want a cold beer like crazy. But, I won’t drink if you won’t. Deal?

      1. Still working on it. Good intentions but not a lot of successful days. Still searching for the motivation I had last year. You?

  8. Imagine your husband pouring you a glass of wine and holding it out toward you. What do you do in your mind at that moment? Imagine yourself saying confidently to him “No thanks, I am not drinking anymore.” Imagine him pouring the wine down the drain. Imagine your relief at that poison going down the drain forever away from you. Danger averted! Imagine yourself pouring a non-alcoholic beverage instead and feeling calm about the choice you just made. It’s amazing what the mind is capable of if we lead it the way we want to go.

    Arm yourself with thoughts that you control your choices. I will not drink. Not today.

    “We are what we think.
    All that we are arises with our thoughts.
    With our thoughts we make the world.”

  9. I’m starting 30 days sober tomorrow. Please do it with me? I want to be able to email with you, but I don’t know how to reach you or the etiquette of doing so through blogging. So I’m trying to reach you through your blog. Let me know what you think …we are so much alike.

    1. Have you started your 30 day sober stretch? How is it going? Sorry I wasn’t there for you when you left this comment. Annie x

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