Too busy to drink!

Yes, folks, you’ve read that right: I am officially too busy to drink! The past couple of days have been non-stop, and – crucially – the witching hour comes and goes with my not noticing, because at that moment I am planning lessons at the same time as trying to keep a grip on the household tasks, and not let my own children feel neglected.

I must go to bed now, but I wanted to tell you that I am closing in on the end of Day 12, and thoughts of drinking have been virtually absent for the first time in YEARS. I’m not complacent – of course not – and another weekend looms, but might this be a little bit of progress?

20 thoughts on “Too busy to drink!”

  1. Annie
    This is one of the best posts you have written.
    I’m so glad you are embracing your new job and that it seems to have lifted your spirits!

    Make sure to find time for yourself in there! Bubble baths are vital!


  2. Fantastic. Another day 1 for me, trying different this time . Went to a meeting and actually asked for help. Let’s do this

  3. This is fantastic! It is certainly good news! It is what you needed, a way to get through the cravings so the whole project could get easier and you could start to feel better. It could be AA meetings or bubble baths or chocolate or a new job. The key is just not to drink long enough for not drinking to become a habit (rather than vice versa), and it looks like you are well on your way. And God bless the freedom from cravings (and of course they will come back once in a while — I think that is true for most recovering alcoholics). But when they do come back, you will know you can get through them, and you will know that they are temporary.

    Also, isn’t it wonderful to be able to face all you new challenges without having to fit getting drunk and recovering from hangovers in there too?

    You are doing great. Worry about the weekend on the weekend. For now, keep doing what you are doing. It is all starting to fall into place.

  4. Brilliant news, Annie! But don’t underestimate what YOU have done, what YOU have gone through to get to this point – it’s not only the fact that you now have a job. So congratulations, well done you! Xx

  5. great going Annie, just make sure to try and find sometime for yourself. Try not to get overwhelmed with work. xxx Mtts

  6. Wow you do sound really positive and upbeat. Being back to work sounds like it suits you. Well done on getting this far, I had a repeat fall but I am back on track again now. Good for you Annie.

  7. Hey Annie. That’s such fantastic news. You can do so much more in life if you free up all your time and energy by not drinking. You may find (like I have done) that this is an incentive enough to embrace a life without alcohol. I loved SM’s blog today where she said her kids are very vocal about how they love having a mum who doesn’t drink. You can be that mum too !!!! Xx

  8. You’ve heard the saying “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Staying busy and finding other things to fill your time takes your mind off of trying not to drink. It’s the best medicine, in my opinion. My hardest times are always down time, when things finally slow down and I’m alone with my own thoughts. Those are the times you will still need to be vigilant for Wolfie to come at you. Just remember, as of right now, you’re free! You’re free and no one can take it away from you. Think about that…isn’t it fantastic?

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